Everyday bag essentials👛👜🛍


Hey lovelies! I taught it will be fun to see what you keep in your different bags so i decided to put up this post. Moving around  without my bag is something I’m still trying hard to learn.Choice of my handbags depends on the nature of the outing.  My everyday bag ranges from a tote bucket bag to a sling bag. Inside my bag are these must go with items.

1. Mini make-up purse: this is where I put my touchups. This purse contains lip gloss, compact or loose powder,mirror,a small comb or hairbrush, face wipe or blotting paper. Each of these are very important.

Mini make-up purse

2.Earpiece. My earpiece is one of the most important item. Its my companion. When I want to listen to music,I make use of it.


3.Powerbank: my power bank is a must go with. In a situation where I have a low battery, my power bank comes to my rescue.20171217_165354

4.chewing gum: I make use of orbit or raspberry xylitol. This refreshes your breath after eating etc.20171217_165203

5.Pocket jotter/pen: This is were I write my to- do list or important information.

6.USB/Flash drive: If there is  need to transfer files to my phone,I can make use of my USB cable or the multi purpose flash that can be used on both phone and a laptop.

7.wallet: This contains cash, id cards, debit cards, passports etc.

8: hand towel/ glasses: my glasses is an essential thing . its like my second eye so I definitely can’t do without it.

9: Perfume: The type of the bag determines the size of the bottle, either a purse perfume or a normal bottle size.20171217_132345


So these are my everyday bag essentials. I would also like to know your favourite everyday bag essentials @ the comment box..

Thanks for always stopping💙




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