A day at Ngwo Pine Forest.

Happy New month! I know am a little  bit late but you have to pardon me. Anyone who follows my instagram page must have seen all the pics  of my trip to Ngwo Pine Forest.  This trip was organised by @tourbirth. When i first heard about the trip, I really was contemplating if I would be able to make it but finally I did it and never regreted it.

Ngwo Pine Forest is a pine forest located at Ngwo in Enugu state Nigeria. This pine forest was planted by the government  in 1951 to checkmate erosion.

The pine forest
The pine forest
The pine
The pine

The Ngwo Pine Forest serves as a recreational area such as picnic, meetings, movie shoot or music video shoot. Through out my stay there  under  the pine trees, i never felt  hot due to awesome canopies the pine trees provided. We decided to hike down to see the hidden cave.  There’s a hidden cave of limestone rock deep down the forest which has the beautiful waterfall with a shallow pool. Actually it was my first time seeing a waterfall, so it ws so amazing although my friends said it was nothing compared to others. The serene was so cool with the continuous splash of water.

The waterfall
Ngwo Pine Forest waterfall

Hiking through to the cave was fun but at some time I felt so exhausted. From the the  pine forest to the cave is about 45mins. Ended my tour with a picnic under the pine tree in a lovely atmosphere.


20171202_142316And that was how we ended the day😙20171204_183616


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  1. PauStarks says:

    nice cute pictures you got there…thanks for the brief history of the Ngwo forest..i never kwn..we still have those special natural environment still in existance and well managed in Enugu.. for tour…i love the trees and the flyn human beings “pics”undenalt it ĺ😍😂…i wonder what the wonna. catch or fly to Maya?…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jessymaya says:

      Thanks Paul😙.there ‘re so many other gud places here in Enugu to tour.. about the flying human beings… we were so happy and trying to test our newly acquired wings (lol) tnks for always coming around

      Liked by 1 person

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