Saturday funday🍦

Happy Sunday luvlies!!                                  So yesterday I decided to end ma week with a little threat to ma self. I must confess d week wasn’t faithful to me at all🙄🙄 but I still have to be thankful to God in all situation. After work, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to jst take a walk to the mall, grab a cup of milk shake(coldstone) while I do a little window shopping. Made a promise to ma self dat I wuldnt dare buy anytyn as the black Friday fever was still on.                                                      I made a quick stop at Max store to see a friend, I was so glued to the clothes.  kept reminding maself  dat i just came to look and not to buy. Funny enough most of d clothes had a reasonable discount, that moment I jst loosend up a bit and took that advantage to pick up few things . I also had to take a  quick selfie at one of d hidden corner before leaving the store.

20171125_17201020171125_17232220171126_184628Outfit detail.

Polo – Oversized Red BYC.

Leggings- @lululingerieng.

Bag- tassel tote bucket bag from @liancitycollections.

Slippers. @gafasandals.

Am really looking forward to a lovely week ahead. You just have  to let go whatever that has weighed you  down or weighing you down at d moment and focus on Tomorrow.


Thank you so much for always  stopping by💜💜💜💜

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