Same old shit(SOS) 🤔🤔

Hey lovelies! I know I’ve been  terrible here .Almost a week plus without any single  post. Do I say I need someone to be reminding me every single minute..”Hey you need to put up something..                                                Here I am sitting down at d bank hall starring at d long queue waiting for my turn. I suddenly realized I have almost same routine every day. Like I do the same thing everyday.  Pray in the morning, sort out cloth for work, shower, Work, home. maybe in between that’s when I handle ma phone.  Will always blame d nature of my job cos I rarely have time for myself except Sundays. Even on Sundays I get so lazy that I spend the whole of the day on my phone, lying down or preparing for new week.     I think its high time I tried out something new or different from my boring routine.                                              1507749878726I know a lot of people are on this same page, all you have to do is to tell your old boring  self ” ITS OVER”.                   TRY  OUT   SOMETHING NEW ❤❤❤  .


Thanks for Reading 💜💜


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  1. Withgift says:

    Really tho..I get stuck with the same routine every now and then too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lol😂 i can relate


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