Ma Girly Scent

I decided to try out something new and different. Anyone who knows me very well can testify my love for perfumes. I can spend my last dine on a good fragrance, I can  go any were without my makeup but not without wearing a good perfume…                                                    For so long I got stuck to Avon fragrance. Rare gold, Rare pearl, Rare diamond, Far away etc. They are really good and affordable. Could last a whole day especially Rare gold.                               Some days back I walked in the store. I asked for my favorite babies,  none was available but d attendant promised to give me something cool and sexy . And that’s how I fell in love with my new scent. Elizabeth Arden GREEN TEA LAVENDER. This is a 👧 girly approved scent. It’s so perfect for everyday use. I wish my whole life could smell like  GREEN TEA LAVENDER. ❤❤❤

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  1. paul uzo says:

    Hi ,Maya hitta..nice one finally you did it…😁😎

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